If I wanted to promote you, tomorrow, to some likely clients of yours, what exactly would you like me to say about you?

You are good at your job? Do you have a lot of years of experience? All good, but I’m betting they heard that before, and they know they will again. None of them is likely to write anything down, or go and find your profile/website on the spot, just based on that.

And I understand, going beyond those descriptions can get uncomfortably close to bragging, and anyone who tried to give non-generic, truthful answers to that question can tell you it’s not an easy task.

First, spelling it out in a way that doesn’t feel cringy is tough. Even worse, you somehow know that whatever is claimed will shape your future in a way – when you support it with how you look, talk, show up online, and price. Unsupported, it all very quickly sounds flat.

Doing all that work is frankly expensive, and not just in terms of money. But consider that not doing it also has a cost, a much more insidious one. People who lean back and blend in often continue to be paid by what amounts to a personalized “living wage” retainer plus all the compliments they can eat, but not much more.

Those who invest (thought, if nothing else) in letting their colors shine get paid better, that’s a fact. The first question was not rhetorical, it was an invitation. Hit reply, use it, I’m interested.


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