There’s Nothing More Permanent Than A Temporary Measure, said Milton Friedman. In a (kinda) post COVID world, these words have an even more ominous meaning.

But let’s talk about the advantages of the same principle, specifically in the context of two tough decisions that are hard to boldly state out loud:

  1. I’m specializing, reducing my market focus to my most profitable niche
  2. Hi, I’m raising my fees

Brrr. To most people, it seems like hell would freeze over before they would be fully ready to stand before their customers and say those words with confidence.

And yet, you can say almost the same thing if you formulate it as a phase or a temporary measure.

  1. I’m starting a campaign to help [my most profitable niche] solve [their most expensive problem]
  2. Hey Mr. Client, let’s try this other deal to see if it suits us both better in the short term, then see where we are

There will be way less initial opposition, and you will buy yourself a “grace period” to prove your instincts right. In six months you can of course retract if the new direction turns out to be a dud.

If you are proven right and the new way works, everyone will already be used to it, so you can forget about the old one. No grand gestures of bravery, just a fresh new “hell”, nicely thawed.


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