To avoid pricing too high or too low, it’s good to know what others like you actually charge. Well, duh.

If you are lucky, only local people can do your job, and there are rules for that sort of thing, AND everybody sticks by them. If you are not that lucky, clients may find other solutions online, not everybody sticks to any rules or both. Let’s talk about the latter case in particular – how do you tell what the market will actually “bear”?

Well, you can always check their websites, and if that fails you could simply ask them:_
Hi guys, I do services similar to yours and a client asked me to do x. Could you tell me your usual asking price for that, so that I don’t blow a hole in the market by quoting something far too low?_

Of course, not everyone will answer, and out of those that do, not everyone will be sincere. But some might be, and that can be enough.**

And even if no one answers, this probably means the clients will also have a hard time getting to prices up front, which means it’s unlikely they will be able to price shop easily.** 

That fact alone has value because it means that clients will be forced to jump to conclusions and judge prices by looking at addresses, web design, and other superficial signs of excellence. 

That is your cue to make your website etc flashier & raise the prices to match, safe in the knowledge that for most clients, that’s going to be enough.


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