Webpages are said to be the modern equivalent of shop windows. Strangers passing by will usually only use it to see a faint reflection of themselves, it’s only the people knowing what they came for will look twice at what you displayed there.

But even when they do come deliberately, what are they actually looking for?**

I’ll tell you what they are not, for starters: your time, your craft, face, and especially your processes. “Our patented 17-step process will…” No one took the time to come and find out more about any of those.**

No matter if you are a designer, lawyer, programmer, consultant, or coach, your clients come to see your webpage because they are searching for a good fit. They have a burning, expensive problem in their mind, they need someone who can fix it, and they mainly want to know:

  1. Can you solve it?
  2. How do I know I can trust you to tell the truth?
  3. Who have you already done it for?
  4. What’s your “fingerprint”, your individual point of view on this exact problem?

If your webpage can tell them all that, within half a minute and with not much thinking required, it’s hitting that fit, and doing its job. 

If not, even really innovative content, a proverbial “dancing gorilla” you tacked on your web page while feeling inspired, will not generate much more than a few cursory glances and polite smiles. Nice, but not the fit they were looking for.


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