Pricing rules are easy to find IF you are

a) looking for a job

b) selling a commodity

Let me guess, you are not looking to get paid like a typical employee, right? Also, if you are a professional service provider, whatever your dismissive drunk uncle may have told you when you were just starting your career, what you are offering is also not a commodity.

Did I guess well? In that case, a lot of pricing “rules” you know may not apply either:

1) More hours are not seen by clients as necessarily desirable

2) A rising price does not mean a proportionally shrinking market

3) Fewer hours do not equal a worse job or less value

4) You could refuse to compete on price and get away with it

5) A discount will often not result in more clients

That basic pricing formula everybody knows, the **
[price=cost+profit margin]**

To you, that says nothing about how much the clients are willing to pay. On its own, a quick calculation like that will result in a false positive – a price that will probably not kill you but will not allow you to thrive either. The trouble is that so many of your peers are using it that checking with them will typically result in biased confirmation.

Just like an ugly duckling, you may have stumbled into common sense rules in your field that turned out to be a bad fit for you, so you silently blamed yourself, or the world.

Guess what? You were a swan all along.


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