Compare and contrast:

Dr. Evlil says: widgets are hard to come by this year, minion’s pensions are getting expensive- _the price is one beeelion dollars.


Dr. Evlil says: The price is one beeelion dollars. You see, widgets are hard to come by, minion’s pensions are getting expensive, and with wear and tear on nuclear silos… you know.

Presenting the price is always a pivotal moment in any negotiation. The conversation can be casual, but it’s rarely so casual that you cannot distinguish the difference between the pleasant but cautious pre-price conversation to more practical and carefully worded post-price conversation.

When you do mention the price, always construct a sentence in a way that allows you to say what you need to say about it before mentioning the number. If you wonder why, take a look at the compare and contrast exercise above – the first example is usually seen as much more impactful. The pause after the price has a role.

So when you present the price, make a full stop, and don’t say another word. Let the pause linger, let the words hang in there, looking at the other person and expecting a reaction.

More often than not, the length of the pause will tell you a lot about how well you crafted that price. In the next email, I’ll tell you all about that.


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