A kettle is meant to be used for boiling water so making it out of chocolate is of course… less than ideal. None of us provides services with zero value of course, but some markets can get polluted by hype, noise, [[Price dumping]], or technology shortcuts. When the price of what we do sinks so low that it barely provides any margin over the costs, our high skill may very well be considered to be as useless to us as a chocolate kettle.

Having a high level of skill at whatever expertise you are an expert in, and knowing how to identify and solve problems at a premium with those skills, are two entirely different things. The trick is to realize that what you do (making X) is less important than knowing how to make X, which is a broader and more versatile skill set.

Even if no one wants to buy a [[quality]] chocolate kettle at a decent price, maybe you could teach other people how to make chocolate kettles for joke/hobby reasons. Or you could just start selling special industrial chocolate batter for complex shapes, or start designing custom casts and injection modules for chocolate. You could start consulting people struggling with complex wrapping needs. Nobody said that just because the current end product market is flooded with price dumpers or otherwise stuck, the skills necessary to make that end product are suddenly useless. Improvise, adapt, overcome – the Navy SEAL motto can be used by out-of-shape regular people just as well.


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