In the cacophony of voices, where clients can’t tell your voice apart from thousands of amateurs and frauds, is it really possible to stand out without shouting the loudest with advertising money?**

It is, but to explain, I must** talk about nuances of peacock mating.

Still here? Impressive.

Things that survive in nature must be, above all, cost-effective. So how on Earth did the peacock’s tail evolve? The male can’t hide, run or take off quickly because of it. It’s a clear handicap – and yet, the tail-endowed ones get all the mating partners. The handicap principle was first proposed by sociobiologist Amotz Zahavai who said that the more costly it is to make a signal, the more reliable that signal appears.**

With humans, big muscles, perfect long hair, a Ph.D., a high-pressure top position, a huge house are all “resplendent tails”, signs that that person regularly endures a lot of unnecessary costs, time, and pain by their own choice, and still thrives.**

So when your cousin has a theory, you tune out. But when someone with a Ph.D. has a theory, it feels riskier to ignore it. We know nothing about any of their topics, but the one who bears the marks of suffering greater costs to make the claim gets perceived as more reliable and worthy of our trust.

You can cut through the noise if you turn the professional “crosses” you bear for quality and integrity into peacock feathers.


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