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We help experts get their price closer to their value within 6 weeks 

Through one-on-one consulting.

Show, don't tell

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Martina Raškaj, CV & LinkedIn Writer

"Working with Filip brought me not only higher prices, but more confidence and a mindset shift. Now I know who my primary target group is, where I want to position myself in the market and what I need for it, and I’ve also learned super negotiation techniques. I also learned a lot through the obtained theory and his examples from practice, and through various analysis, techniques and tools, Filip managed to improve the quality of my clients. "

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Juraj Murgić, Senior Software Engineer

"After finishing the course about price setting I can say I have a well-defined focus on my carrier goals (areas where I plan to improve and focus). I have a much clearer idea of where I am currently and what I'm planning to do so that I can work on fulfilling and better-paid projects. It gave me a lot of tools that I can use to improve my work status and work how and on what I want. I feel less stressed on interviews as I have the answers to questions frequently discussed like what are my strengths, where do I fit in the company, how do I provide value, what price and benefits am I willing to accept."

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Tracy Borreson, Brand Identity Coach

"Hey All, to add on to my video testimonial...I worked with Filip and it was by FAR the best investment I've made in my business. Just sayin."

The value of expert knowledge is like the elephant in the old parable. Clients, although capable in many areas of their business, often order expert work like they are severely near-sighted and painfully unaware of it.

At Lift-off , we use our own expert knowledge to help those experts make custom “glasses” for their clients. Those can then be used to set the record straight and raise their prices closer to their true value.



Your clients have no idea how to tell your offer from an amateur’s, so they always pick lower prices and therefore force you to work for degrading prices / bad clients. That can end.



If clients knew enough about your craft to really recognize the value you bring them, they would be experts themselves and would not need you in the first place. This can be dealt with.



We have got results for 100+ clients from Canada to Singapore simply because of a simple and universal truth: individual experts are undervalued. You could probably charge more, and thrive.



The trick here is to be able to see what you offer from your audience's point of view, and then *show them*, not just tell, who you should be compared with, and why. This is tough, but doable.



Ideally, all of your clients should be able to simply see a good fit, and be happy to hand over appropriate amounts of money. For all of the other cases, we got you covered with training.



Finding your price/market fit is great, but great things never last. To do the job properly, we have to help you see future opportunities for price growth: the "when", the "how" and the "how much".

Avg. price increase

How it works


Free discovery call. In this 15 minute call, we basically want to get to know each other & see if we can help you.


Strategy Session. Once we see a fit, we conduct a much longer 1,5h strategy session together where you will learn exactly how the Lift-off method applies to your case.


Onboarding. Once you’re ready to go, we open up our channels & material for you, in order to supercharge your growth from the get-go.

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About Lift-off

Lift-off is an EU company established on the consulting experience of Filip Fučić, a business coach and price specialist who has worked with more than 100 experts from across the globe, from Canada to Singapore. Our methods are proven to work especially well for mid-career experts working as sole proprietors, independent specialists, small-scale partnerships, freelancers, studios, and other forms of small business that can be vulnerable to clients not willing to pay for value.

DIY mini-course

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About Filip Fučić

Filip is formally a mag.oec. (business school graduate), has 3-years of  entrepreneurial experience, has taught business planning at his alma mater, and was a marketing manager in a IT company for 5 years, then stepped out to form his solo consultant practice, which grew into Lift-off. Trough it all, he has worked with consulting clients on the topic of market strategy and pricing, and has devoted a large amount of time answering questions about those topics for free on his LinkedIn, Quora account and, recently, YouTube.

Along with that, he is involved in professional pricing projects all over the world:
  • He is one of the designated “Expert pricing Peep” of the North American Your Business Peeps community for personal brands.
  • He is a contributor to the North-American Hikma strategies program that seeks to uplift PhD’s by giving upgrading their knowledge with a commercial capabilities.
  • He is one of the current partners for the London-based PriceBeam software that helps determine prices globally trough in-depth research powered by technology.